Thursday, 30 August 2012

Nine Ways With: A Vintage Suitcase

I just love the idea of vintage upcycling: taking something old and tattered and giving it a new life as something else.  

It is amazing how many creative ideas are out there for upcycling a vintage suitcase.  These are easy to pick up at second-hand shops.  Often they are in great condition and so cheap!  

Here are 9 of the best ideas - from cute side-tables to shelving to craft storage! I am in love.


  1. ahahaha these are such great ideas! I'm going a little pinterest crazy here hehe x misstea & co.

  2. There are so many rad ideas!! Seeing as I'm doing an op shop challenge and I'm in need of some form of chest of drawers, I'm definitely going to be looking out for some vintage suitcases!! :D

    Thanks for the sweet comment :) Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams

  3. I love the kitty bed. Just darling! :)

  4. i reallyyyy liked the two stacked suitcases as a bedside table- it looks so pretty and fits right in! And hahah I loved your comment to me- it made me laugh. I'm from Chicago!

    1. Thanks! I saw that just under your name haha but I thought a third comment would be too much!

  5. wow, I love those vintage suitcases! Great post <3
    Check out my latest look!

  6. These are such great ideas! I especially love the photo with the cat :).

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Sure, I would love to follow each other! I'm your new follower :)

  7. great photos! followed you in gfc, hope you can follow back!

  8. No, I don't cause you're not following me at all :(

  9. These are totally great!! I have a vintage suitcase and haven't quite figured out what I want to do with it yet!

  10. I LOVE these suitcases! The look of them is just gorgeous! I am visiting from the Friday Chaos blog hop. I am your newest follower. Would love if you could come visit and follow my blog.



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