Monday, 15 April 2013

South Island: Dunedin and Central Otago

1.Pretty buildings
2-4.Dunedin Railway Station 
5.Steepest street in the world
6.Picnic in the botanical gardens
7-11.Scenery around Central Otago

Dunedin had some of the most amazing architecture we saw on our trip.  The railway station is the second most photographed building in the southern hemisphere (behind the Sydney Opera House).  Its so big that it's hard to get a good photo though!  We went on the Cadbury chocolate factory tour and then walked up the steepest street, and I think we definitely worked off all the chocolate we ate!

Central Otago is really beautiful, with scenery unlike anything else in New Zealand.  It has a really warm climate and we ate some amazing stone fruit! At one place we were a bit confused when no one was at the shop, but then we figured out it was set up so you could pay via EFTPOS.  The new honesty box haha.  That's the South Island for ya!


  1. How pretty, love the pics! I have a friend sho lives in Dunedin, and I'm always jealous and how pretty it looks there <3

  2. Gorgeous photos! They make me want to visit NZ even more!

  3. The photos relaxed me and made me sigh. So beautiful.


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