Thursday, 9 May 2013

Date Night at the Park

What I'm wearing: Skirt, belt and sunglasses from Glassons (Yep, most days I'm a walking advertisement for that store), top from Temt, sandals from Wild Pair.

These photos were taken a while ago now, back when the days were longer and bare legs were a thing.  The hubby and I shared a pizza in the park and then took a walk around the rose garden.  These days we're struggling to find interesting things to do together as it gets dark not long after hubby gets home from walk and its too cold outside to be enjoyable.  

Anyone have any ideas?



  1. I love this outfit so much! I will be scouring my local Temt for that top now! I'm totally feeling your pain with trying to find things to do now it's getting colder - there are only so many movies you can watch, aren't there? xx

  2. what a lovely day. i think i need one of this kind of date night too

  3. Beautiful! Love your sandals! Mustard looks good on you!

  4. hi Molly, gotcha @ Friday Chaos Blog Hop. Your outfit is gorgeous so is your blog. I just become your follower/fan/friend ;)hugs and kisses


  5. I love the outfit! The blouse is feminine, but not too frou-frou. That was a really nice date. Date suggestion; make some hot cocoa (baptize it with a little brandy), and play some board games, or cozy up together and watch a romantic comedy. :D

  6. Very nice - love the Peter Pan lace collar!

  7. I love date nights and I love your outfit! Thanks for linking up friend I just pinned this as one of my favorites this week <3

  8. This look is sooooo cute! Thanks for linking up with us for Passion For Fashion! Hope to see you again next week! **pinning** :)

  9. This is a super cute look! Thanks for linking up with Stephanie and I for the Thursday linkup:)


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