Friday, 28 June 2013

Time for a change

I've had long hair since forever and I think its time for a change. I've been saying this for years now, but every time I go to the hairdressers I end up getting just a few inches taken off. I had a fringe a while back and I really liked it, but I have an annoying cow lick so it never really sat right unless I straightened it. 

I'm wanting a major change, and I'm thinking I'll go for a length where the hair sits just on my shoulders, or maybe a little shorter. 

My current hair:

Some hair inspiration: 
How cute does Alexa Chung look? I wish my hair was naturally wavy but I'm thinking I may have to make friends with my hair straightener and create some loose waves.

I'll let you know how it goes! I think I'll get just the length taken off for now, and make a decision later on about whether to bring back the fringe or not!


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  1. Most of these are glamourous hairstyles and unless you spend an hour every morning styling it, they will never look like that in real life. I think the hairstyle from the second picture would best suit you. I would certainly go for several lenghts for the volume. Good luck :)

  2. Hi Molly! I understand needing a change. I've been there. I think you can't go wrong with a modern bob and some highlights. I found your link at the Bloglovin' Blog Hop. I'm a new follower via Bloglovin'. Please follow me back. Good luck with your new hairstyle. I'll look forward to seeing the change. :D

  3. Great post! I'm your new follower! I hope you could follow me too and see you in my blog sometimes. Thanks! :) <3


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