Thursday, 6 June 2013

Weekend getaway

Recently the hubby and I had a lovely weekend getaway to Wellington. We had lovely Autumn sunshine and NO WIND so it was such a pleasure to stroll along the footpath in Oriental Bay. Anyone from New Zealand will know how lovely Wellington is on a good day (there is even a song about it!) and how rare it is to have a still day with no wind. 

While we were there we shopped up a storm (new outfit for hubby, nothing for me!) and wined and dined at our favourite haunts. We also caught up with some friends and took a drive around the bays.  

It was so nice to get away!



  1. Wellington looks so beautiful! I'm really hoping to make it to New Zealand some day. So many Aussies are so eager to fly half way around the world, we forget how beautiful some of our closest neighbours are! xx

  2. right now i'll be envied by any kind of weekend getaway. any kind.
    also, i could just sit all day there. what a nice weather

  3. looks so beautiful and calm! i'm so jealous of New Zealand! there are so many beautiful sites to discover!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  4. Aww Wellywood, love it! It looks like you had such lovely weather, no wind as well, score :) (have had the worst landing of my life flying in Wellington!!) x


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