Monday, 29 July 2013

DIY: Photoframe

I bought this old wooden frame from a second hand shop ages ago and I've been meaning to do something with it, so I thought I'd give it a lick of paint and use it to display photos. 

What you'll need:

A wooden frame
Twine or string
Small nails or tape
Wooden pegs
Photos or nice things to display

How to:

1. Find an old wooden frame. You may find one that is already empty, or one that has a print that you don't like which you can take out.

2. Give the frame a paint. I gave it a distressed look by using my scratchiest bank brush and brushing the paint on very thinly. I also sanded back the edges once the paint was dry. If you prefer, you can paint the frame nicely using two or three coats.

3. If you're using nails: Work out how many rows of twine you want and where you want them. Hammer in a nail on each side of the frame for each row of twine, using a ruler to ensure the twine will be straight. Tie the twine around the nails on each side.

If you're using tape: Work out how many rows of twine you want and where you want them. Tape a piece of twine to one side and then use a ruler to find the point on the opposite side where it should be taped.

Step 4: Use wooden pegs to attach photos, postcards or anything else you want to display.

I hope you like it!



  1. I love it Molly! Great idea. :D

  2. I love this...So sweet and simple ANDDDD I have that same OWL!!!
    Would love it if you would share this at my weekly Clever, Crafty and Creative Tuesday Linky Dorothy Sue and Millie B's too....It's still open this week!


  3. I love it! Such a great idea. I'd love for you to link up to The DIY'ers!

  4. Very cute Molly! I have an old paned window frame that I do a similar thing with in my family room and I love it. Fun way to display special photos and mementos. Thanks for sharing it with SYC.


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they make my day :)

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