Thursday, 1 November 2012

Happy November

Happy First of November everyone!


For us here in New Zealand, the warmer weather has finally arrived! November means picnics at the river, fireworks, and time to dust off the barbie!  Unfortunately, it could also mean wind and rain, and cold nights by the fire.  You never can be sure in New Zealand!  

So many of you North American bloggers have mentioned how excited you are about Fall, and how good it is to get some colder weather.  This is something I just can't understand! I may have to visit one day and find out for myself.  



  1. haha how crazy! It seems so strange to me to think of November and December as spring-summer months! How exciting for you! I just moved to Florida so the coolest we will get here is mid 60s. Enjoy your sunny weather!

  2. it's already nov 1st too in indonesia!
    happy november for you too

  3. Your newest follower here :D
    Im with SarahJane... so strange thinking of it all reversed! I live in the UK so everyones always excited when the warm weather comes, um except me, i LOVE winter, cold weather, storms, it getting dark early, and snow, i love snow more than anything!
    Enjoy your warm weather! :)

  4. Nice photo. We have a cold! I love at nights by the fire. :-)

  5. I am in north america and I wish we could have some warmer weather right now. all we've had for the past 5 days is rain, rain and more rain :( enjoy the spring!

  6. I live in North America, and while I enjoy the colors of autumn, I am not a fan of all the rain we've been getting. I would much rather be somewhere warm. New follower from Friday Chaos. Would love for you to stop by and follow back! :)

  7. Hi there, I'm your newest follower from Let Them Eat Cake blog hop! My good friend from college now lives in Stratford New Zealand. I've been lucky to travel to New Zealand twice. I love it there, Queenstown is my favorite! :-) Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. I love that picture! Following you from Friday Chaos

    You can visit me here at Hurley Love

  9. Cold, wet and windy England calling! That photo makes me want to jump on a plane, now. Looks gorgeous. My brother in law and family used to live in Christchurch and I am so gutted we never got over to your beautiful country :(
    BTW I found you via the Awesome Blog Hop x

  10. Your blog is adorable! I found you through The Totally Awesome Blog Hop...can't wait to explore!
    I was having the same challenge as you with a desk to study at (based off previous post) so my boyfriend built me one in a tiny tiny coat closet...maybe an idea for you?
    I talked about it on my blog



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