Monday, 3 December 2012

DIY Christmas Gift: Homemade Muesli

Happy December!  It is time to start thinking about Christmas gifts, and I love the idea of gifting handmade items.  To me, a handmade gift is so much more personal, and it can save the gift-giver a few bob too!

I make this muesli fairly regularly, it is so much nicer than the store-bought stuff.

It is nice on its own, but I sprinkle it on top of my Weetbix (breakfast of the All Blacks!)

Don't you think it would make a nice Christmas gift? 

Home-made Muesli


800g   Rolled Oats
300g   Wheatgerm
420g   Brown Sugar
2 C    Bran Flakes
1 C    Coconut
2 Tbsp Cinnamon
1 Tbsp Mixed Spice
1 C    Oil
1 C    Milk or Water
Your choice of dried fruit and nuts

Mix all the dry ingredients in a big bowl or container, before adding the wet ingredients.  Mix well using clean hands until texture is even.

Spread into a large roasting pan and cook at 180 degrees celcius for 60 minutes.  Stir every 10 minutes.  Add coconut in the last 10 minutes.

Wait until muesli has cooled, and then add your choice of dried fruit and nuts.  In this batch I used dried apricots and sultanas, other times I use sliced almonds and cranberries.

Put into pretty jars.

Finally, make a pretty label.  This one is made using white card.  Screw up the card a little, and use a teabag wet with hot water to stain the card.  I used letter stamps to write on it, but handwriting can be just as effective.  Lastly, I tied the label on using home-made baker's twine (tutorial found here).



  1. Wow Molly that looks really delicious. Remids me of when I was a kid and Dad used to make his own. Pinning this, I'm also your newest follower via the gfc blog hop

  2. It looks delicious and so cute! Love it :)


  3. Great idea! I think handmade gifts are the best, so much more personal and charming.
    (I bet your home smells amazing while this is baking!) :)

  4. I love this idea!! I once did cookies in a went over great! I love this recipe, I may try it!! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  5. Great holiday gift idea!!!! I love it!

    xo - Sheila

  6. that's a great idea, and it sounds tasty. I found your lovely blog through the meet & greet blog hop!

  7. Looks Yummy! I think handmade gifts are so precious. I love the tag too.

  8. Hi Molly, this really does look yummy! A wonderful homemade gift that would be a joy to receive. Thanks so much for sharing it with Share Your Cup.
    p.s. now following you

  9. love this idea molly! so cute and creative :) - glad i found your cute blog from the friends to followers hop ... excited to be your newest follower (stalker might be slightly more accurate...)!

    p.s i'd love for you to drop by and say hi when you get a chance!

  10. Hey, new follower from the Share the Love Blog hop! I love this idea and definitely something I want to try. It looks amazing! :)


  11. Great! Homemade gifts are the BEST! Sounds and looks delish. Thanks so much for sharing on Super Sweet Saturday.

  12. That muesli looks amazing! I will have to give it a go I think!
    Thanks so much for dropping by the blog and for the Liebster Award nomination! That's so lovely of you! I'm your latest follower too. :)
    xoxo Lauren


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