Saturday, 16 February 2013

Smudge Saturday - Camouflage Kitten

It's been about four months now since we picked up Smudge.  I just noticed today that it's no longer such a novelty having him around.  When we first got him, I was so happy to finally have a kitten that I just hung out with him all day! Now, sometimes when I'm busy I forget about him and he surprises me when he gets out of whatever cozy place he's hiding and comes up to me.  

When I thought about this today I wondered if this meant I didn't care about his as much and I felt a little sad.  But then I realised I still love him as much as ever - it's just that he has really become a member of our family now!


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  1. Cute cat!

    Sita xx

  2. I love your blog! And your kitty is ADORABLE <3 x

  3. As he's so cute! Makes me miss my cat back home :)

  4. Trust me, you're not a bad cat owner until you've accidentally locked him/her in the linen closet for six hours.

    I'm such a bad cat mother...

  5. aww, nothing to be sad about, like you said it just means he's become a part of the family now. :)

    little henry lee


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