Saturday, 9 February 2013

Smudge Saturday: Chilling in the Hammock

Gorgeous Smudgie-pie chilling out in the hammock with the hubby. Perfect Saturday.

What are your plans?


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  1. What a beautiful cat!! Enjoy your Saturday! I wish I could be in a hammock right now!!

  2. Cute kitty :) I'm having a very quiet weekend. I've done all the chores already so I just took myself out for a coffee and wander around my neighbourhood. Going to catch up on some Game of Thrones episodes as well! Hope the rest of your weekend is lovely xo

  3. the cat definitely possing for the shoot. haha
    i wish i could just spend this weekend sleeping. but i'll be working this weekend. even on sunday
    i hope you have a lovely weekend

  4. What a beautiful cat! I am re-watching season 1 of sex and the city and blogging. Very exciting!

    Corinne x

  5. Such a cute kittie!! My snuggler is sunbathing next to me while I'm blog hopping ha! Cats are the best :)

    New follower from the Friday Chaos hop!
    Sara@lets talk about me

  6. aww so cute! I love it when cats get in your face. I had a fairly relaxing Saturday too. Did a little bit of a work, went out for a walk and lunch.


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