Sunday, 29 September 2013

Daffodil season

Spring is in the air! The blossoms are out (finally), spring bulbs are up in full force, and the trees are coming out in new growth. I love this time of year! 

The best part though - we started daylight savings today here in NZ, and while today seems to have gone super fast because we lost an hour, it means we can start enjoying after dinner walks and bike rides!



  1. Fall is in my air. I do really enjoy daffodils though. :)

  2. Your daffodils are gorgeous!!!!!

  3. I can't wait for daylight savings to hit here! I honestly have no idea when it starts though :S It feels like Australia has skipped spring and gone straight to summer, which is unfortunate because I love Spring! xx

  4. Gorgeous flowers Molly! I live in south Florida, USA so we're in autumn now. It's lovely to see these bright and beautiful blooms. Thanks for sharing and enjoy!


Thanks for all your lovely comments, they make my day :)

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