Friday, 15 March 2013

South Island: Christchurch City

1-5: Container mall in the center city
6: Punting on the Avon river
7: Beautiful Sumner beach

On our trip down south we visited a friend in Christchurch.  You may have heard about the devastating earthquake that hit Christchurch City back in 2011.  While there is still a lot of work to be done, the city has done a great job at keeping things going, and there is a super cool container mall in the centre of the city.  While it was originally meant to be temporary, there is talk of keeping it as a permanent shopping area! It think it's a great idea.  

We had a wander around the mall and then headed out to Sumner beach.  Sumner was one of the worst-hit areas with a lot of houses now unliveable, but the beach was lovely.



  1. So the mall is the cargo containers?!? That is so cool!! I wish them all the luck continuing to rebuild!!


  2. I LOVE this!!! Wow ~ would love to create something like that in our community here in Virginia! Happy Friday!

  3. it's so sad about the earthquake in christchurch, it looks like such a lovely city and i'm glad to hear they're getting back on their feet after what happened.


  4. I went shopping there at Christmas. Seriously though, I think it is the best idea. I know that they talk about it being temporary until the earthquakes have stopped (seriously I hope that happens one day it's ridiculous - my grandparents are there and I feel so bad for them), but it is so innovative and they have tried really hard to create it to be a cultural centre for all the people in Christchurch that I think it's a really great idea to keep it. It would certainly be a tourist attraction which would not be a bad thing for them. Definitely a better plan than what they are doing with building the $1 million temporary cardboard Cathedral...surely there are other things they need to be thinking about. Hope you enjoyed it there despite the damage, it still is a beautiful city, just a shame about the hub.


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